Bingo Summer

09/13/2014 14:23

Bingo Summer is about the happenings of a Mom and her two girls once they hit the lottery on a Bingo scratch off card. It tells the problems that the mother runs into with the publicity and then moves to another town to escape it. The story picks up with the hardships of adjusting to a new school for Summer, the older of the sisters. No matter how hard she tries, Summer just doesn’t fit in until she returns to the person she really is. Meeting Anna and Dink changes her world in her new surroundings. 

This is a book that would be great to use with a reading group or Book Club in fourth or firth grade. I think winning the lottery would spike the interest of both boys and girls. I think initially girls would be more interested, but as Dink really becomes a major character in the book. His love for the Cubs and knowledge of baseball would grab the interest of boys. The Literary Circle questions at the end are great.