A Mother's Love Can Conquer Any Fear

10/29/2014 16:59
I really liked this book. It tells such a compelling story. It could be used easily in classroom when addressing bulling or things that scare them. The illustrations are beautiful crayon drawings. The one thing that I see that would be a problem for the little ones is the Indian names. Children...

Construction Song-Sing Along

10/04/2014 17:33
This is a very cute song and book. I first though it would be for boys. I was wrong. This book and song teaches about construction and equipment involved in a fun way. The  book is beautifully illustrated.  If I was Construction Song-Sing Alonga 4k or 5k teacher, I would definitely use...

Be Patient, Pandora!

09/24/2014 16:12
This is a wonderful board book introducing mythology to children.Pandora doesn't always show patience. The children will love the story as she learns to gain the patience that she requires. This book is colorful. It introduces basic sight words and tells a great story. Young children will also love...

Play Nice, Hercules!

09/24/2014 16:10
This is the second book of a series introducing mythology to children ages 2-4. The story shows the transition of mean Hercules to a nice Hercules. This book could also be used to deal with bullying. It is well illustrated and a book young children will love. 

Frizzle, the S.A.D. Elf

09/19/2014 14:36
 This book tells the story of Frizzy who is a sad elf because she has to part with the dolls she's decorated each year. She comes up with several solutions to her problem, but none of them are successful. She also manages to stress the other elves. Leave it to Santa to come up with a wonderful...

Bingo Summer

09/13/2014 14:23
Bingo Summer is about the happenings of a Mom and her two girls once they hit the lottery on a Bingo scratch off card. It tells the problems that the mother runs into with the publicity and then moves to another town to escape it. The story picks up with the hardships of adjusting to a new school...

Lycanthor the Werewolf

09/13/2014 14:11
This book is a great read and the beginning of what will become a great series. 4-7 graders will love it. The book tells the exciting story of what happens to Jack as he falls into a mystery world filled with danger. He is befriended by two beings that join in the search to free their kingdom....

Book Reviews

09/09/2014 10:57
The If's  “The Ifs” is a fabulous mystery for children 3-5th grade. It reminds me of “Where the wild Things Are” in a good and strange kind of way. It’s about 2 brothers who are having strange things happen, mostly at night. Sometimes they are not sure if it is real or a dream. The brothers...

Website launched

07/16/2012 21:38
    My new website has been launched today.      I started this web site to tell you about the fortunes and misfortunes of looking for a job at 57.Things have shanged greatly in last 3 years. My health is on a downhill road, but that's OK, I can handle it.  I'm also...